Episode 10 with Jane Binnion

February 22, 2017

In this episode, I’m speaking the glorious Jane Binnion.

Jane is an award winning ethical business trainer based in Lancashire, working across the UK and beyond.
She works a lot with women facing overwhelm and is the founder of The Growing Club, a peer coaching club for women business owners.

She is also a published author, avid blogger and columnist . Her latest book, The Heart of Sales is a practical sales skills guide all about challenging the concept of sales as manipulative, macho and game playing.
A qualified adult trainer, Jane has been delivering workshops for businesses and not-for profit organisations for many years. She has an excellent reputation for talking human and simplifying concepts so that people leave feeling energised, empowered and inspired to take action.  She is also dyspraxic.

Jane is always a joy to speak with and I loved speaking with her about getting older and letting go of the need to be a good girl or acceptable.

You can find Jane on Facebook as The Naked Sales Trainer
Twitter - @janebinnion


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