Episode 19 with Verity Mansfield

August 9, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with transformational Life Coach and Energy Healer, Verity Mansfield. Verity is the founder of A Beautiful Truth, and is on a mission to empower women to embrace their inner goddess in the modern-day world; A woman who knows her truths, believes in her inner beauty and understands her unlimited capacity to create real change and real beauty in their own lives and beyond.

After obediently following the Good Girl Rules for many years, Verity found herself with a crippling autoimmune disease, divorced and on the verge of being broke, with two small daughters to care and provide for. What seemed like a crisis was actually a beautiful turning point in her life. Gathering all her resources, pouring herself into a journey of self-healing and self-transformation, and learning to trust her own inner deep knowing, she created her own real ‘rags to riches’ Cinderella story. However, in this story she learnt how to heal, empower, transform, and rescue herself.

During our conversation Verity shares:

  • How we can sometimes play small to stop ourselves outshining the people around us and end up being the support act to everyone else.
  • What it was like to leave her marriage and job with just $136 and two small children.
  • How she said ‘Fuck that’ to the good girl rules!
  • And the life lessons she’s passing on to her daughters.

I had a blast speaking with Verity and I’m sure you’ll love listening to what she has to say. 

Find out more about Verity and her work at: 



Episode 18 with Vix Maxwell

July 28, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Vix Maxwell.  Vix is a Spiritual and Biz mentor, intuitive Tarot and Angel Card Reader, Angelic Life Coach, Holy Fire Reiki practitioner, Celtic Reiki Mystic Master, Headmistress of Woo Woo School and the creator of New Age Hipster. 

Sent here on a divine mission to kick open the musty old spiritual wardrobe, Vix is all about bringing the new age into the now by making spirituality accessible to whoever wants in! Vix is an ex-high school and special ed teacher, she has written a tween and a YA novel and enjoys drinking decaf tea, making Pinterest vision boards and eating veggie pizza with pineapple while watching 80's movies on Netflix.

During our conversation, Vix shares:

  • How the collective pressure to be a good girl can make it feel unsafe to stand out and her personal experience of that.
  • How she made the transition from teacher to tarot reader.
  • And how she deals with haters from both outside and inside the spiritual community.

This is a fascinating and eye-opening conversation and I’m sure you’ll love listening to what Vix has to share with us.

Find out more about Vix and her work at: www.newagehipster.co/lightworker


Episode 17 with Lorraine Pannetier

June 29, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Lorraine Pannetier.   Lorraine is a Food & Lifestyle Coach, plant-based cooking teacher, writer and mum who uses her passion for food alongside her natural intuitive, nurturing and creative abilities to fuel her mission to transform lives through food and inspire thousands of people around the world to Eat More Plants. 

Lorraine is one of those people who lights up the room with her smile and spiritual presence and naturally leaves you feeling happier and more motivated than before you met. An eternal student, Lorraine's passion for learning was evident as a toddler and her current area of focus is homeschooling her 13 year old daughter through her GCSE qualifications over the next 3 years. One day she dreams of studying volcanoes and hopes to see a real life volcanic eruption - from a tropical island some distance away, of course!

During our conversation Lorraine shares:

  • The pressure to look a certain way in the fitness and nutrition industry and how she broke away from that.
  • How to free yourself from restrictive food rules,
  • And how to eat abundantly, rather than depriving yourself.


You can join Lorraine’s Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EatMorePlants/ and find out more about her work at:  http://beetrootbrownie.com/wp/about-us/


Episode 16 with Tanya Dantus

June 13, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Tanya Dantus. Tanya is a Mompreneur Empowerment Mentor, helping mums release their guilt and find radical confidence, applying their talents & gifts to creatively expressing themselves in the world, making money along the way. 

Tanya is also a mum to an adorable little boy, and married for 3 years. She moved to Germany 2 years ago, so that's been a whole journey of adaptation, although she is originally from Mexico City, and moved & adapted to California prior, and considers herself more of a global citizen (with 3 passports/nationalities to match it!).

Tanya is a certified Yoga teacher, has a Counseling Psychology master's degree from Pacifica--and loves depth psychology, feminine psychology/the Divine Feminine & Somatics, as well as spending time in nature, writing & dancing.  Fun Fact: Tanya also reads the Mayan Calendar & fire dances!

In this episode Tanya shares:

  • The ongoing process of learning to dance with her inner good girl and her inner rebel.
  • How she learned to see life as a spiral, rather than a linear path.
  • How to connect with your own inherent worthiness.
  • Why traditional meditation is not the only way to tune into your intuition.
  • Why it’s SO important to be guided by your pleasure.

I loved speaking with Tanya and what came out of our conversation. I’m sure you will too.

Find out more about Tanya and her work at: www.tanyadantus.com.


Episode 15 with Jacqui McGinn

May 25, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Jacqui McGinn. Jacqui has a background in foreign language teaching in Japan, China and the UK and is a qualified teacher. While living in Japan she began studying spirituality and philosophy. She has been doing ThetaHealing since 2009 and is trained in Subtle Energy Healing, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading. She is currently studying space clearing with Denise Linn.

Jacqui’s mission is to empower people to be true to themselves and share their unique gifts and insights with others to empower them too. She is currently researching for a book about narcissism and during our conversation she shares her own experience of being in a relationship with a narcissist. I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing Jacqui speak about how we can feel like we need to be the ‘good girl’ in relationships and how we can break out of that limiting pattern.

Find out more about Jacqui and her work at: jacquimcginn.com.


Episode 14 with Ellouise Heather

May 11, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Ellouise Heather. Ellouise helps women recovering from chronic illness who dread returning to a J.O.B. to find their calling, reveal their true selves and alleviate lingering symptoms.

She’s an accredited Master Coach, writer, and contributing author to the #1 Amazon Bestselling 365 book series. Her motto is, “Be you, be well.” She loves and appreciates walking her little dog, Pepper, in the scenic British countryside and coast.

During our conversation Ellouise shares how trying to be the ‘good girl’ resulted in her suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She talks about the steps she took to heal herself and how she now helps other women to tune into the powerful wised of their own bodies.

Join Ellouise’s Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeYouBeWell.


Episode 13 with Jessica Dugas

April 25, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Jessica Dugas. A New England girl, currently residing in Alabama, Jessica is a wife and homeschooling mom to six children from 8 months to 15 years old.

She started her company Just Determined in 2013 as a way to communicate and document her journey into a holistic lifestyle and provide inspiration to other families who wanted to do the same. Feeling a calling, she started incorporating coaching mums into her practice. In 2016 she created the Mom's Online Mastermind, where she helps mums decrease the stress and overwhelm in their lives by helping them find a balance that works for them.

During our conversation, Jessica shares how she spent years putting everyone else’s needs above her own and how this impacted on her both physically and mentally. After a double bereavement, Jessica decided to take personal responsibility for her self-care and started a journey of learning how to prioritise her own needs.

Whether you’re a mum or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy what Jessica has to share here.

Find out more about Jessica and her work at: www.justdetermined.com.


Episode 12 with Caylie Price

April 11, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Client Attraction Coach, Caylie Price. Caylie is the creator of FB Live to Thrive and she teaches you how leverage Facebook Live to get confident, clients and cash.

During our conversation Caylie shares her own experience of trying to fit in and be the ‘good girl’. She talks about how the inner good girl can show up when we’re trying to be visible in our businesses and gives us some simple ways to feel more comfortable with livestreaming.

Not sure where to start with livestreaming? Grab your copy of Caylie’s 15 Simple Facebook Live Topics To Boost Your List Growth And Sales.

Find out more about Caylie and her work at: http://betterbusinessbetterlife.com.au.


Episode 11 with Carolina Reese

March 7, 2017

Carolina Reese is a documentary photographer, speaker, and educator. Her work focuses on birth, gender, and media literacy issues. Carolina works to change the current narrative regarding women and birth by sharing families’ stories and providing media literacy education for girls. Her next project entails documenting birth within refugee and displaced populations.

During our conversation Carolina shares how it took a huge, traumatic life event to prompt her to say ‘Screw it!’’ and start living the life she desired (rather than following a plan that didn’t seem to be working anyway). Carolina is committed to living an extraordinary life and I’m sure you’ll find her story truly inspirational.

Find out more about Carolina and her work at: http://www.carolinareese.com.


Episode 10 with Jane Binnion

February 22, 2017

In this episode, I’m speaking the glorious Jane Binnion.

Jane is an award winning ethical business trainer based in Lancashire, working across the UK and beyond.
She works a lot with women facing overwhelm and is the founder of The Growing Club, a peer coaching club for women business owners.

She is also a published author, avid blogger and columnist . Her latest book, The Heart of Sales is a practical sales skills guide all about challenging the concept of sales as manipulative, macho and game playing.
A qualified adult trainer, Jane has been delivering workshops for businesses and not-for profit organisations for many years. She has an excellent reputation for talking human and simplifying concepts so that people leave feeling energised, empowered and inspired to take action.  She is also dyspraxic.

Jane is always a joy to speak with and I loved speaking with her about getting older and letting go of the need to be a good girl or acceptable.

You can find Jane on Facebook as The Naked Sales Trainer
Twitter - @janebinnion