Episode 13 with Jessica Dugas

April 25, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Jessica Dugas. A New England girl, currently residing in Alabama, Jessica is a wife and homeschooling mom to six children from 8 months to 15 years old.

She started her company Just Determined in 2013 as a way to communicate and document her journey into a holistic lifestyle and provide inspiration to other families who wanted to do the same. Feeling a calling, she started incorporating coaching mums into her practice. In 2016 she created the Mom's Online Mastermind, where she helps mums decrease the stress and overwhelm in their lives by helping them find a balance that works for them.

During our conversation, Jessica shares how she spent years putting everyone else’s needs above her own and how this impacted on her both physically and mentally. After a double bereavement, Jessica decided to take personal responsibility for her self-care and started a journey of learning how to prioritise her own needs.

Whether you’re a mum or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy what Jessica has to share here.

Find out more about Jessica and her work at: www.justdetermined.com.


Episode 12 with Caylie Price

April 11, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Client Attraction Coach, Caylie Price. Caylie is the creator of FB Live to Thrive and she teaches you how leverage Facebook Live to get confident, clients and cash.

During our conversation Caylie shares her own experience of trying to fit in and be the ‘good girl’. She talks about how the inner good girl can show up when we’re trying to be visible in our businesses and gives us some simple ways to feel more comfortable with livestreaming.

Not sure where to start with livestreaming? Grab your copy of Caylie’s 15 Simple Facebook Live Topics To Boost Your List Growth And Sales.

Find out more about Caylie and her work at: http://betterbusinessbetterlife.com.au.


Episode 11 with Carolina Reese

March 7, 2017

Carolina Reese is a documentary photographer, speaker, and educator. Her work focuses on birth, gender, and media literacy issues. Carolina works to change the current narrative regarding women and birth by sharing families’ stories and providing media literacy education for girls. Her next project entails documenting birth within refugee and displaced populations.

During our conversation Carolina shares how it took a huge, traumatic life event to prompt her to say ‘Screw it!’’ and start living the life she desired (rather than following a plan that didn’t seem to be working anyway). Carolina is committed to living an extraordinary life and I’m sure you’ll find her story truly inspirational.

Find out more about Carolina and her work at: http://www.carolinareese.com.


Episode 10 with Jane Binnion

February 22, 2017

In this episode, I’m speaking the glorious Jane Binnion.

Jane is an award winning ethical business trainer based in Lancashire, working across the UK and beyond.
She works a lot with women facing overwhelm and is the founder of The Growing Club, a peer coaching club for women business owners.

She is also a published author, avid blogger and columnist . Her latest book, The Heart of Sales is a practical sales skills guide all about challenging the concept of sales as manipulative, macho and game playing.
A qualified adult trainer, Jane has been delivering workshops for businesses and not-for profit organisations for many years. She has an excellent reputation for talking human and simplifying concepts so that people leave feeling energised, empowered and inspired to take action.  She is also dyspraxic.

Jane is always a joy to speak with and I loved speaking with her about getting older and letting go of the need to be a good girl or acceptable.

You can find Jane on Facebook as The Naked Sales Trainer
Twitter - @janebinnion


Episode 9 with Brenda Gabriel

February 14, 2017

In this episode, I’m speaking with the wonderful Brenda Gabriel.

After being run off her bike in 2012, Brenda had an epiphany. Then a civil servant, she was shaken to her core and questioned whether she would have been happy with her obituary had her life ended that day. The answer to that question was a resounding ‘No’.

The opportunity for redundancy arose a short while later and at 8 months pregnant Brenda took a leap into the unknown. Discovering a flair for marketing and PR was a turing point and thus, Brenda Gabriel Biz Gamechanger was born. Honing her craft as publicist, copywriter, social media coach and blogger, Brenda, now a mum of three is on a mission to make her difference in the world by working with other disruptors to do the same.

During our conversation she talks about the expectation to be a ‘good girl’ when she was growing up and how this impacted on her up until very recently. I love the energy that Brenda brings to her work and she has definitely let go of her inner good girl to express her unbound, fierce, passionate self.

You can find out more about Brenda and her work at: http://brendagabriel.co.uk/.


Episode 8 with Katherine Baldwin

February 7, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with the inspirational Katherine Baldwin. Katherine is a writer, speaker and intuitive dating and relationships coach.

She has been writing professionally for 20+ years, as a journalist and a blogger, and is now writing a memoir, exploring her journey from 40 to 45 as she transformed her life, her work and her relationships and went from being a single, work-obsessed adrenaline-junky to a women who's in love, living by the sea and doing work that's aligned with her authentic self.

Katherine now helps other women heal their relationships with themselves and others and change their patterns so they can live authentic, wholehearted lives and find healthy, loving relationships.

I first met Katherine ten years ago when we were both on a personal development holiday in Greece. It seems that we were both right at the beginning of a huge journey of self-discovery at the time. Since then we’ve both left comfortable, secure jobs to start our own businesses. During our conversation I loved talking with Katherine about her decision to make the leap from her high-profile role and her ongoing battle with perfectionism.

Find out more about Katherine and her work at: www.katherinebaldwin.com


Episode 7 with Marelda Rodrigues

January 31, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Marelda Rodrigues. Marelda is a health coach, author, massage therapist and life and culinary enthusiast. Her journey in wellness is multicultural and encompasses challenging life and health changes, all of which provide the foundation of her “can do” style and drive. She outlined her key learnings in her book Thriving Authentically: Own Your Personal Power and Make Life Happen.

During our conversation Marelda talks about how the need to be a good girl felt like it was curbing her spirit. Fortunately her unbound self couldn’t help but bubble to the surface and Marelda shares how she’s chosen to walk her own path, in many different ways throughout her life. 


You can read more about her story, approach and services at www.thecenteredrealm.com


Episode 6 with Deborah Taylor

January 24, 2017

In this episode I'm speaking with Deborah Taylor.  Deborah is the founder of Book-Launch Your Business and helps coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, therapists or any other kind of service business owner to write a book that takes their businesses to a new level. 

She believes a book is a statement of leadership as well as an opportunity to inspire and help others. 

During our conversation Deborah talks frankly about how she made many choices in her life based on pleasing others, ending up in a career that someone else wanted. Being stuck in a role that wasn’t right for her led to problems with depression, debt and putting on weight. After years of feeling unhappy, Deborah finally decided to make the leap and start her own business. She is now officially in good girl recovery. Yay! I’m sure you’ll resonate with what Deborah has to say and hope you enjoy listening to our conversation.

Find out more about Deborah and her work at:  www.booklaunchyourbusiness.com.


Episode 5 with Rachel Flower

January 17, 2017

In this episode I'm speaking with Rachel Flower. Rachel is one of the UK’s most respected business advisors. A commercial lawyer with over 15+ years’ experience, in 2009 she started a family – and in pursuit of the holy grail of work/life balance – took the plunge into entrepreneurship. She founded Serenwood, a niche consultancy offering practical commercial support to small business clients.

Rachel’s personal passion is empowering & inspiring other female entrepreneurs, especially working mums, and she is the mentor & coach of choice for ambitious women wanting to build, grow and scale sustainable and impactful businesses.

During our conversation Rachel talks about feeling the need to be an extra good girl as she was growing up and how that led her to become a lawyer (rather than the actress and singer she truly wanted to be). Fortunately for us, once she reached her thirties Rachel decided to connect with her inner bad girl and make some powerful changes in her life. 


Find out  more about Rachel and her work at: http://www.serenwood.co.uk.


Episode 4 with Carrie Stepp

January 11, 2017

In this episode I'm talking with Carrie Stepp. Carrie is a Midwestern country girl who's full of heart & branded in technology. 


Her life's purpose is Master Teacher so she's on a bold mission to inspire, enlighten and empower others to rise higher. She's invested 22 years as an Award-Winning Digital Course Developer, designing thousands of digital courses for world-class clients including Samsung, Ashley Furniture, John Deere, and Best Western, to name a few. 


She's an International Best-Selling Author, Inventor and Intuitive Creator. As a thought leader specializing in transformative personal and professional development, she's on a bold mission to turn your fantasies into reality! 


During our conversation Carrie shared how tuning into her inner guidance at the young age off 17, led her to make a life-changing decision and put her on a completely different path than she imagined when she was growing up.


You can learn more at CarrieStepp.com.