Episode 17 with Lorraine Pannetier

June 29, 2017

In this episode I’m speaking with Lorraine Pannetier.   Lorraine is a Food & Lifestyle Coach, plant-based cooking teacher, writer and mum who uses her passion for food alongside her natural intuitive, nurturing and creative abilities to fuel her mission to transform lives through food and inspire thousands of people around the world to Eat More Plants. 

Lorraine is one of those people who lights up the room with her smile and spiritual presence and naturally leaves you feeling happier and more motivated than before you met. An eternal student, Lorraine's passion for learning was evident as a toddler and her current area of focus is homeschooling her 13 year old daughter through her GCSE qualifications over the next 3 years. One day she dreams of studying volcanoes and hopes to see a real life volcanic eruption - from a tropical island some distance away, of course!

During our conversation Lorraine shares:

  • The pressure to look a certain way in the fitness and nutrition industry and how she broke away from that.
  • How to free yourself from restrictive food rules,
  • And how to eat abundantly, rather than depriving yourself.


You can join Lorraine’s Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EatMorePlants/ and find out more about her work at:  http://beetrootbrownie.com/wp/about-us/


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